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A tradition without end, in the heart of the city

Florence shopping tour The craftsmanship of goldsmiths (half day)
The guides report that all began in 1593, when Grand Duke Ferdinando I, de 'Medici,
decreed the transfer of goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellers to the Ponte Vecchio to
control the work of these artisans better. Goldsmith, the art of working with gold and other precious metals, such as silver and platinum, is closely related to jewellery. During the Renaissance, it was linked to the arts, so that many painters and sculptors, such as Donatello and Benvenuto Cellini, were also excellent goldsmiths. The gold and silver craftsmen were entrusted with the task of representing the artistic prestige of Florence throughout the world.

We offer a tour of the goldsmith shops of Florence to admire the ancient techniques of traditional Florentine goldsmiths and their unique creations, which represent a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Type: individual or group Shopping tour with personal shopper
Languages: the tour is available in Italian/French/English
Itinerary: the tour takes place on foot (approximately 5/6 km) through the center of Florence and the Oltrarno area. Transportation is not required.
Meeting point: downtown Florence
Duration tour: half day (4 hours)

Tarifs: Total cost of tour for 1-2 people 190 €
Total cost of tour for 3-5 people 250 €
Total cost of tour for 6-8 people 320 €

The Personal Shopping tour can be extended beyond four hours on request.

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