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Blog tour through Appennines

What’s exciting experience! For three days we have been hosted for a blog tour in the area between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna to discover the magic atmosphere of Appennines. We experienced beautiful and hidden places, excellent food and great hospitality working to report each activity on the web with words and images. Do you want to promote your territory? Contact us and we will plan a blog tour tailored for you!

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Via degli Dei: an Appennines itinerary

Why the name “Via degli Dei” (Gods’ itinerary)? Because this route passes through places with evocative names: Monte Adonis, Monzuno (Mons Jovis, Mount of Jupiter), Mount Venere, Mount Lunario (Lua was the Roman goddess of Atonement). From Fiesole to Felsina, the Etruscans walked this path for at least four centuries (VII-IV cent. BC) to expand their trade and control over the Po Valley. Later, the Romans built a real road to connect Arezzo and Rome through the Apennines. During the...