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Pomarance (Pisa) is situated in one of the most beautiful corners of Tuscany, near the coast. It is particularly known for the presence of geysers and the “lagoni” which, for centuries, have been the manifestation of the intense geothermal activity that characterizes the ground of these areas. Today, you can learn about the history of the exploitation of geothermal resources in the Museum of Geothermal Energy.  Pomarance is located in a strategic position between Pisa, Siena, Volterra and Florence and you can...

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Discovering Montaione alleys

Montaione, located not far from Florence, is the ideal destination for travelers who want to escape from the busy mood of the city and enjoy the slow flow of life. Its inhabitants are willing to meet you lo let you discover beautiful views over the countryside and their warm village. You will find how much they love their territory! Some of the oldest farmhouses have been recovered from abandonment and restructured, young people decide to remain and run new activities...

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Montaione recipes: once upon a time…

The history of Casa Masi Restaurant started in 1996 by Alessandro and Luciana Masi in their farm of San Benedetto in Montaione (Florence). Here you can experience the true tradition of the countryside also thanks to the many antiques objects that turned the place in a ‘House-Museum’. “My knowledge comes from the culinary experience of my grandmother, my mother-in-law and some old cooks I was fortunate to have as teachers at the beginning of my adventure: the lamb on artichokes,...

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Palazzuolo Sul Senio in pictures

Palazzuolo Sul Senio is a small village of the Mugello area, in the north of Tuscany near to Emilia-Romagna.  A perfect destination where you can experience complete relaxation in a very friendly atmosphere: a place where residents know each other and are are interested in meet visitors. Come here to enjoy peace and amazing countryside deep in the green hills.

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San Vivaldo, Jerusalem of Tuscany

Just nearby the village of Montaione (Florence) there is the famous holy mountain San Vivaldo, best known as “Jerusalem of Tuscany”. Its name recalls the story of the hermit Vivaldo Stricchi from San Gimignano. Right by the chestnut tree where, where his body was found, a little church was built in 1320. This church was later enlarged and, in 1497, was given to Franciscan Friars Minor, who built a monastery offering pilgrims the opportunity to make a pilgrimage without going to Jerusalem (which at that...

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Blog tour through Appennines

What’s exciting experience! For three days we have been hosted for a blog tour in the area between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna to discover the magic atmosphere of Appennines. We experienced beautiful and hidden places, excellent food and great hospitality working to report each activity on the web with words and images. Do you want to promote your territory? Contact us and we will plan a blog tour tailored for you!

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Via degli Dei: an Appennines itinerary

Why the name “Via degli Dei” (Gods’ itinerary)? Because this route passes through places with evocative names: Monte Adonis, Monzuno (Mons Jovis, Mount of Jupiter), Mount Venere, Mount Lunario (Lua was the Roman goddess of Atonement). From Fiesole to Felsina, the Etruscans walked this path for at least four centuries (VII-IV cent. BC) to expand their trade and control over the Po Valley. Later, the Romans built a real road to connect Arezzo and Rome through the Apennines. During the...